Meet The Blogger Angela Cid , A Gorgeous40Plus !!

Angela Cid is a 40+ ageless beauty, who understands better than most the pressures placed on women around the world to chase youth, beauty and health. Angela was spotted by a modeling scout at a young age in her hometown in Spain, then whisked away to work in the top fashion capitals of the world—including Milan, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, and Dubai.


Style: "Portrait B&W - high key"beauty modeling for cosmopolitan uk


Today Angela calls Dubai home, where she has successfully merged her London studies in Marketing, PR, and Communications—with her career as a model, brand ambassador, and spokesperson for global brands.

She is the founder and managing director at, an A-list PR, marketing, and event management company based in the UAE. She represents, advises, and introduces international brands—and is the dot connector for local and international interaction in the UAE. This includes a long list of global beauty and anti-aging brands.

“Health and beauty should not be a privilege.” Angela Cid

As a dedicated mother of 3, who has traveled enough to see the limited access women over the age of 40 have to the life, health, and beauty-boosting products, treatments, and tips she deserves—Angela launched Gorgeous40plus.



1006310_10151594450050954_2015897779_nkids, family, mummy blogger, beauty and health

Angela brings a contagious energy into all she does. As a tenured fashion and beauty insider, she provides the everyday woman direct access to global beauty and anti-aging solutions—the ones that really work!

Gorgeous40plus is Angela’s new platform to introduce, share and discuss anything innovative and new, or tried and true. From the latest treatments, cosmetics, supplements, natural, and alternative health, aging, and beauty solutions designed to make you both look and feel happier, healthier and Gorgeous!!!

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